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Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Allergy Bagless Upright Vacuum, 206033-01

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Deal found at: Walmart

Dyson Big Ball Animal Allergy Bagless Upright Vacuum, 206033-01:

  • The only vacuum with strong suction and no filters to wash — with extra tools
  • No dirty filters to wash or replace
  • Dyson Cinetic science captures the dust that clogs other vacuums' filters
  • Self-adjusting cleaner head — automatically adjusts between carpets and hard floors — sealing in suction
  • Instant-release wand — wand and long-reach hose release in 1 smooth action, so it's easy to clean up high and under furniture
  • Whole-machine HEPA filtration traps allergens and bacteria inside the machine — expels cleaner air than the air you breathe
  • Hygienic bin emptying — no need to get your hands dirty, just push the button to release the dirt
  • Ball technology — improved stability to maneuver easily around furniture, obstacles and into difficult places
  • Designed for homes with pets — comes with a Tangle-Free Turbine tool to remove hair from carpets and upholstery without tangling
  • Extra tools for tough tasks, allergens and all over cleaning
  • Certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
  • Earned the Good Housekeeping Seal
  • 5-year warranty on parts and labor — free, no hassle repair or replacement
  • Model# 206033-01
  • pets/dogs
  • travel/travel guides
  • sports/skating

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I tried the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Allergy Bagless Upright Vacuum, 206033-01 and why you need one too.

By our senior writer: Mustafa Carpentier

I've been waiting to write this article for a long time. But today I actually get to review the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal! I, Mustafa Carpentier, write about appliances for a living as a writer, blogger and reviewer and you have probably read my pieces about the Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 Digital Camera (Silver) by Canon and the HUGGIES OverNites Diapers (Choose Size and Count) by Secure. I also did an editorial piece on the Disney Frozen & Big Hero 6 2PK (Nintendo 3DS). Needless to say, I have quite some experience testing appliances and I only want the best to my readers of course. So I was really thrilled when I got this product to write about today!


I've been a fan of Dyson products1 for years and I was really looking forward to finally trying the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal and reviewing it for you guys. I found the best deal on this site on Walmart (You can buy the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal here.) and I didn't hesitate a moment. So I reached for my creditcard and bought one straight away. I was glad it had free shipping and 24 hours delivery when I ordered it because I couldn't wait! When my Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal arrived the next day I ripped open the packaging and was really happy with what I saw. As I said before I'm a huge Dyson enthusiast but I can be very critical and objective too, especially when writing for my readers. :-) After testing it for about a week now I am confident that I have the authority to write this piece. So read on and I will tell you all about my findings and if you should buy this thing.

Best Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Allergy Bagless Upright Vacuum, 206033-01 deal


I mostly begin with a summary when reviewing appliances, then I write a list of the positive and negative points of the product after which I'll explain my rating and have a conclusion and of course the resources I used writing this article. So as made clear in the previous paragraphs, I am quite fond of the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal. Dyson really went all out with this one. The quality is unmatched, and to be honest; it just looks amazing. I know looks aren't the most important aspect of appliances, but it does need to be talked about. And I'm sure it will when more people start to look at this masterpiece. The price alone that Walmart offers was and is by far the lowest, and should be enough reason to grab your wallet so make sure to check them out. I did test a lot of similar products before, I must admit none come even close to the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal. Just the functinality alone leaves all competition in the cold and the quality also proves to be up there. The customer service of Dyson2 is known to always be very happy to assist if you have any question so if you ever need them they'll be really tolerant and helpful in looking for a solution. So just a quick recap; only good things to say about the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Allergy Bagless Upright Vacuum, 206033-01. Do finish this article tho because you there is sort of a surprise in the end!


The list of pros of this Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal is going to be much longer than the conslist and the description3 this site gives already lists them quite well. To quote just an excerpt: "
Dyson Big Ball Animal Allergy Bagless Upright Vacuum, 206033-01:

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Exellent for room heating & personal cooling!

This Dyson Am09 Heat+Fan sure is an eye catcher! The product comes all pre assembled except for the base of the fan, which you only have to slide on the bottom of the fan. The fan is not too heavy in weight, it is about 6 lbs and stands about 2 ft. tall. It also features a 6 ft. cord and comes with usage instructions and a magnetized remote! Yes! The remote is actually magnetized! How amazing and thoughtful is that? That means no more looking for a misplaced remote, it will always stay right where you put it - right on top of your Dyson. This product features a lot of different functions. First of all i would like to point out that it is very easy to use and the remote does not have any unnecessary buttons. You will find the following remote control features - 1. On/Off button; 2. Cool mode; 3. Air - flow speed control; 4. Thermostat control; 5. Sleep timer; 6. Oscillation; 7. Personal heating mode; 8. Diffused mode. This product is great for use around pets or kids, as it does not have any blades, so it is great for the safety of everybody in the household, also the base is adjustable and you can change the position that this fan is in, in order to be able to control the airflow direction. My first time using experience was great, i tried it out first to see how well it will work on cooling mode. With just a press of a thermostat button the temperature indicator will automatically set up on 32 F, and it will change its color to blue, that means that the fan is working on a cooling mode. You will not be able to set up a cooling temperature, as it is automatically set on 32 F, but you will be able to adjust the airflow speed and also you can choose to use personal mode in order for the fan to blow straight at you, or oscillating mode, which will help cool off the space around you in the room. BUT beware! If you are thinking about purchasing this product in order to replace your current AC window unit with this fan, it WILL NOT cool off your home or even an apartment/ room as good as AC window unit will. This product is designed to be used as a personal cooling fan only! So the only thing it will be able to cool off is you or a small room that you are in! It will do as much cooling as any other blade fan will do for you, but just will take less space and will be way quieter. Now, as far as the heating function goes, i put it on for about 5 min to see how well it will heat up(considering it is summer now), the heating power that this product has got is amazing! It did not take but couple of seconds and the heat just was bursting out of this fan! I absolutely love how strong and powerful this product's heating function is! Literally the heat will blow you out of the room! I put it to the test and turned on my infrared heater and put it beside of my Dyson AM09 and the strength and the amount of heat that Dyson was putting out was at least twice better and faster with far less noise. With just a push of a red thermostat button, the temperature indicator will turn to red and after that you can set up the temperature anywhere from 36 F to 99 F! You can also adjust the speed of the heat flow and set it to personal/oscillating mode. This product has got a built in temperature thermostat, so the temperature indicator and the unit will automatically shut off as soon as it has reached the desired room temperature. I am not going to lie, though this unit is small and lightweight, but it sure has got some power to put out great amount of heat. Now, i could not find anywhere on the packaging or the instructions how much power this unit uses in different settings, so have contacted Dyson customer service and was told that this unit uses 1500 W while on heat setting, 40 W while on cool setting and 1 W in standby mode! So yeas it puts out amazing amount of heat and uses same exact Watts as any other heater on the market does, if not less. In case if you are going somewhere and just would like for you place to be heated for a certain period of time you can always select a sleep timer mode for your convenience. The only thing that i would like to be different about this product is its weight, it is not too heavy and can be easily overturned by kids or pets, so in case if you do have kids or pets you will be better off placing this product up high, like on top of the table, especially while it is running on heat mode. Other than that i don't have anything negative to say about this fan. It is very stylish and has got a beautiful modern look, it is easy to store anywhere in the household as it does not take up a lot of space, very easy to use, great quality and design, does not have too much of cooling properties, but it does state that it is for personal cooling only right on the box, as far as heat goes, it will heat up your room and then some. It is very easy to clean with a soft cloth, NO sprays or cleaning products though! Does not have any filters to clean and is very quiet no matter what mode it is in. Also this fan comes with 1 year warranty.


This fan will amaze you!

I really enjoy my new Dyson fan. It is of the same quality that we expect from the Dyson company. It’s super sleek and stylish and looks great with my décor! The best part is, it lives up to it’s promises. This was my first experience with a bladeless fan but the idea that fan that could produce both heat and be able to cool was almost too hard to resist. It also has a remote and is very lightweight and can tilt backward. The fan itself is pretty quiet and it didn’t get hot to the touch which is important for safety. What appealed to me was that it’s size allows the machine to be portable. You know traveling and visiting family/friends that like different temperatures can be less frustrating if you have this item to rely upon. I planned to use it while outdoors on a camping trip. What you can come up with, is limited to your imagination, you only need a plug and you’re all set to be comfortable. You can set the temperatures just like you do your home thermostat and with the remote, you don’t even have to get up to change it or turn it off. I just know you will love it as much as I do.


Great fan for all year long

The Dyson Hot + Cool is a great fan, I love that it has 2 functions in 1. It's not heavy so it's easy to take from one room into another. It's more of a "personal" fan although there is a diffuse mode that helps cool or heat up a room. The fan already comes assembled and all that you have to do is snap it into the base which is simple and only takes seconds. Both the hot and cold functions work well, although I will add that I was a little disappointed in the cool mode because I felt it didn't cool off that much but enough to keep the person who the fan is facing comfortable a matter of fact I have a $12 fan I bought that gives off more cool air however the hot mode works really well and heats up the space very quickly, I actually can't wait until winter to really use it. When using the cool mode you control the air flow by adjusting the airflow speed anywhere between 1-10. When using the heat mode you have a thermostat control button where you set it to the temperature you want. The fan oscillates and has a sleep timer function. I love that the fan is safe , very quiet and blade-less so you don't have to worry about anyone getting hurt or worry about it collecting so much dust. It's also very easy to clean and all you have to do it clean it with a dry cloth, the fan also comes with a small remote that is magnetized so it can be placed on top of the fan. The remote is really small and sometimes I worry it will get lost because of the kids, I wish it would have came with a slot that it could be placed in instead. Overall I am happy with the fan and would recommend it.


Great Fan! A Bit Pricey~

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about the Dyson AM09 Hot+Cool Fan Heater when I first opened the box. How could something this small first off cost so much and second work better than a $20 fan? Dyson you proved me wrong! Powerful yet very quite. We are in love with this fan, with 10 speeds and the oscillating feature this has replaced our $20 tower fan in our bedroom. The remote control allows you to choose from 10 different speeds, oscillation or direct stream, jet force (straight out) or diffused (blows from sides), operate the timer up to 9 hours and change from cooling fan to heater. We find it best on the jet force setting as it seems to deliver a more powerful stream of air. You are also able to tilt the fan head in a upward or downward position to suit your taste. I realize this fan is a investment and would hope it lasts for many years but was surprised to find that it only has a 2 year warranty on it, I can get that with a cheap fan. The remote is great since it is magnetized and will attach to the top of the fan so its easy to find but the remote is pretty small and the buttons are hard to feel so you do have to look change any settings. My biggest worry is the only control on the fan itself is turning it on or off. Without the remote you can not operate any of the other functions such as timer, oscillation, etc. so replacing that key item could be a big added expense. With the remote being only slightly longer than a credit card and about 1 1/2" wide it could easily be misplaced. All in all we love this fan 5 star on the fan, 3 star on the price so 4 star average. We look forward to using it in the winter as well for heating.


Impressive Design, Really Cool Fan (pun intended)

We are completely in love with this fan/heater. I have been pregnant all summer and I get very hot when I sleep so this fan has been a real lifesaver for me plus it has resolved the issue of my husband and I arguing over the air conditioning setting. He was always too cold while I was hot. Having this fan solved the issue for us. I just aim it to my side of the bed and it keeps me cool all night long. Best fan I have ever owned and by far the coolest, most futuristic looking, astetically pleasing fan I have ever seen. I have 4 small children under 6. One that is only a week old so the safety of this fan is a huge plus for us. Since it is bladeless I don't have to worry about tiny fingers getting caught in any blades. Instead it uses air multiplying technology. Perfect for households with kids. As with all Dyson products you are guaranteed to get a unique atypical design along with top quality and an innovative product. I have to admit I love the sleek design and style. It is a pretty impressive looking little fan and heater that blends in to any home decor. We are in the middle of summer now so we have mainly only used the fan portion so far but I did try the heater just to see how well it works. It performs well as both a fan and a heater. For an appliance so small it does a great job. It has plenty of power and definitely cools the room. Great way to save on the electric bill during these hot summer months. It provides more stable airflow than most fans and feels a bit cooler because of this precision. It also has Jet Focus Control which is the ability to switch the air flow from a broad pattern to a focused pattern using the remote control for a more precisely directed air flow if you want it. It also has 10 different power settings to control just how much air blows. Another cool feature is it oscillates and can be stopped at any position during oscillation by using the remote. This is one feature you won't find with regular fans. One thing I would have loved to have seen in this product is the ability to raise it up higher. We currently have it in our bedroom for these hot nights and had to find a small table to lift it high enough to reach us on the bed. An extending base would have been great but with the table it's working just fine. The height however is perfect to place on the floor in our livingroom. The air flow hits us perfectly as we sit on the couch accross the room. It is is far more quiet than a bladed fan and 75% quiter than the older model of this same fan. Even on the highest setting and oscillating it is still fairly quiet. Along with the fan you get a tiny magnetic remote control that attaches right to the top of the fan with magnets for safe keeping. Just be sure not to misplace it as if you lose the remote the only control you have on the base is on and off. With all the kids in our household I hope replacement remotes are available as it is very tiny and I can see it easily getting misplaced around here. As for the heating feature, as I said, we have not used it much since it is the middle of summer but we did try it out so I could accurately write this review. You can set the temperature where you want it, and it really does radiate a good amount of heat. It has a thermostat that monitors the room to reach and maintain the temperature you set it at. You can also control how strong the air blows which will control the distance the hot air blows. Again having small children, safety is always a huge concern and this heater, although it gets warm to the touch it does not get as hot as most space heaters. Much safer for little fingers. This heater will be great for us on cold winter mornings when we are waiting for the house to heat up or just need a little extra heat. You can also set a sleep timer (from 15 minutes all the way to 9 hours) after which point the unit will switch off automatically. This Dyson AM09 is truly amazing. Extremely well engineered, powerful, with all the bells and whistles you could ask for along with a stylish modern design that is sure to be a conversation piece. You really could not ask for more. No one will be taking this fan from me EVER! Highly recommend it.