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Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum, 214895-01

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Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum, 214895-01:

  • No dirty filters to wash or replace, no bags to buy, and strong suction
  • Dyson Cinetic science captures the dust that clogs other vacuums
  • Self-rights when toppled
  • Others vacuums fall down and stay down
  • Only Dyson Big Ball canister vacuums pick themselves up
  • Hygienic dirt ejector drives out trapped dust and debris as you empty
  • No need to touch the dirt
  • Advanced cleaner head removes fine dust from hard floors
  • Fingertip control switches the brush bar on and off
  • Articulated handle, pivots for less effort
  • Whole-machine HEPA filtration ensures allergens and bacteria are trapped inside the machine
  • Ball technology
  • Steers easily into difficult places
  • Extra tool for tough tasks, including the Tangle-free Turbine tool
  • science/biology
  • sports/skating
  • travel/travel guides

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Everything you want to know about Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum, 214895-01

By our senior writer: آوینا حیدری

I've been wanting to write this piece for a long time. And now I finally get to write the in-depth review of the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal! I, آوینا حیدری, am used to write about appliances, because I have done so for years. You have hopefully seen my articles about the Espressotoria Caprista Espresso Coffee Pod Machine, Black by Nespresso and the Intermatic IG1240RC3 Whole House Surge Protector by Smart Home. I also did a big piece on the Lee Electric 5-S Electric Door Strike for Schlage Locks. So you might say I have the know-how to be writing about appliances. So naturally I was very happy when I got this product in the mail!


I've been a fan of Dyson products1 for years and I was really looking forward to finally trying the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal and reviewing it for you guys. I found the best deal on this site on Walmart (You can buy the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal here.) and I didn't hesitate a moment. So I reached for my creditcard and bought one straight away. I was glad it had free shipping and 24 hours delivery when I ordered it because I couldn't wait! When my Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal arrived the next day I ripped open the packaging and was really happy with what I saw. As I said before I'm a huge Dyson enthusiast but I can be very critical and objective too, especially when writing for my readers. :-) After testing it for about a week now I am confident that I have the authority to write this piece. So read on and I will tell you all about my findings and if you should buy this thing.

Best Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum, 214895-01 deal


I always start my reviews about appliances with a summary, then a clear list of the pros and cons after which I'll give my rating and conclusion. So as you may have understood from the intro, I am blown away by the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal. Dyson has really outdone itself on this one. The quality is great, and frankly; it just looks awesome. I know aesthetics aren't everything with appliances, but it just needs to be said. Of course the price I got at Walmart was and is unbeatable so make sure to check them out when you decide to buy one yourself. As I have tried many alternatives before, I really got to say they are no match for the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal. Just the functionalities alone beats all competitors and the durability also seems to be top notch. The customer service of Dyson2 is famous for being really generous so if you ever run in to any kind of problem with their products they're always really lenient with finding a solution. Long story short; not much negative to say about the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum, 214895-01 really. Make sure to read to the end tho because you might be in for a small surprise!


The list of pros of this Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal is going to be much longer than the conslist and the description3 this site gives already lists them quite well. To quote just an excerpt: "
Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum, 214895-01:

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Other Reviews


Worth every penny!

Absolutely amazing! We have had dyson products for the last 5 years. It pulled things out of our carpets that we had no idea were there. We've been using the v6 handheld Animal for the last 6 months and it does great, but not for high pile carpets. After getting it home the canister had to be emptied twice. Once for downstairs and once for upstairs. Also its so easy to maneuver that it makes it FUN to vacuum. THANK YOU Dyson. I look forward to my next purchase!


My Dyson Christmas Present

I normally never write to a company about the products I purchase, though this was a Christmas present from my husband. Certainly not what I would expect to receive for Christmas, but WOW! I absolutely am in love with my Dyson. I am amazed with the amount of dirt I have in my house and am tickled each time I empty all the nasty pet hair, dirt bits and just plain dirt that goes into my garbage can after using my Dyson. We have always had at least one dog and one cat and raised three children through our 30 years living in our home which was built in 1922. So, I expect I will be using my lovely Dyson daily. I never thought a vacuum cleaner would give me such joy....though I can’t really define it as such. This is a super machine! I absolutely must tell you how much I love this super machine. Thank you to all of you wonderful people for developing such an awesome product. I never knew how much dirt was in my house until I used it for the first time. Great job Dyson. I am your biggest fan!



I love this vacuum. I have a dog that sheds, so I was wanting something that would pick up all that white fur. The first time using it, was amazing at how much it picked up not only the Dog hair but the dirt and sand as well. I am very happy with this vacuum and would recommend it to everyone pet or no pet.


Don't hesitate!

I just received my Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal vacuum.. I cannot believe the amount of dirt, dog hair (a Golden Retriever) that this vacuum picks up! My carpeted area looks almost brand new after one session vacuuming. Easy to assemble, easy to use. It's fairly light - I have neck and back issues and this does NOT tire me out - I think for the money - and granted this machine is expensive; that it's a way to reduce the amount of dirt, dust in the air that settles on everything otherwise. I'm very, very pleased with this machine and would buy another Dyson - especially with the 5 year warranty that it has. Typically a vacuum lasts about 2 years - then it loses suction - so if during the five years that we own this machine - well at least there's a Dyson shop front close by! I had a Shark vacuum and it wasn't picking up - oh and another thing that is nice about this Dyson is that it will go under the edges of the couches! I love that feature (along with everything else!) Color me pleased!


Very skeptical; Expectations exceeded

I am an avid cleaner. I use it as my alone time; with 3 dogs, a cat and a child you can understand what I mean. For the past 7 years I have been loyal to one brand that has consistently been in the "top vacuums" list year after year. My husband suggested we switch to a Dyson - I told him it wasn't necessary....between my cleaning prowess and my super vac I was good. I was wrong. We just got back from Black Friday shopping with my new Big Ball Animal. My husband assembled it in under 10 minutes. We were both amazed! Our living room is 16x20 and I had to empty the canister 2 times. Our master bedroom is 18x22 and I had to empty it twice. Our daughter's room is 14x16 and I had to empty it once. I tried all the attachments; including the dreaded mini-head (that never works on ANY vacuum I've ever had) and it worked phenomenally; lifting the pet hair off the recliner as it should. I'm swooning over my vacuum!! If you've hesitated as I have - don't. Do yourself a favor and run out and get one!