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Dyson V6 Slim Cordless Vacuum

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Deal found at: Walmart

Dyson V6 Slim Cordless Vacuum, Multiple Colors:

  • Cord-free
  • Hassle-free
  • Up to 20 minutes of continuous suction
  • Trigger releases instantly
  • Battery power is only used for cleaning
  • Motorized cleaner head cleans all floor types
  • Stiff nylon bristles remove ground-in dirt from carpets
  • Carbon fiber filaments remove fine dust from hard floors
  • Bristles cover its full width, allowing edge-to-edge cleaning
  • 2 Tier Radial cyclones: 15 cyclones, arranged across 2 tiers, work in parallel to increase airflow and capture more fine dust
  • Max power mode provides 6 minutes of higher suction for more difficult tasks
  • Balanced for cleaning up top, down below and in between
  • All Dyson cordless vacuums quickly convert to a handheld for quick clean ups, spot cleaning and cleaning difficult places
  • Hygienic bin emptying
  • Just push the button to release the dirt
  • Convenient docking station stores and charges the machine, and holds additional attachments
  • So it's always ready to go
  • science/engineering
  • sports/cheerleading
  • careers/telecommuting

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Dyson really outdid itself with the Dyson V6 Slim Cordless Vacuum

By our senior writer: Arron Jordan

Today is a exciting day for me because I get to review the Dyson V6 Slim Cordless Vacuum! I am long time appliances writer, blogger and reviewer Arron Jordan and you might know me from some of my other reviews. I've written for example about the Farberware Portable Can Opener by Farberware and the Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart, and Resistance Band Carrying Case by Progressive or maybe you have heard of the editorial piece I did on the Farberware Rotary Waffle Maker. Anyway, I have quite a lot experience trying out appliances and recommending only the best to my readers. Therefore I was really happy when this product came on my path.


Since 2012 I've been watching Dyson1 so I am really excited that I am finally able to try the Dyson V6 Slim Cordless Vacuum and writing this review for you guys. While searching for the best deal on this product I stumbled across this offer on Walmart (You can buy it here.) and I immediately jumped on the opportunity. So I got my creditcard out and placed my order. With the standard same day delivery and free shipping it really is a bargain compared to the competitor brands and retailers. Later that day when my Dyson V6 Slim Cordless Vacuum was delivered I opened it and was overjoyed with what I saw. I might sound a bit biassed being a longtime Dyson customer but this product really steps it up quite a bit, which is immediately noticeable when opening the package. Now that I've been testing it for a couple of days now I feel like I know enough about the Dyson V6 Slim Cordless Vacuum to write this review. So keep reading and I will show you why I am so enthusiastic about my brand new Dyson V6 Slim Cordless Vacuum.

Best Dyson V6 Slim Cordless Vacuum deal


When reviewing appliances I usually begin with a summary, then a compact list of the pros and cons of the product after which you can find the rating and my conclusion and resources. So as you can read in the intro, I am really amazed by the Dyson V6 Slim Cordless Vacuum. Dyson has really set a new standard with this one. The durability is fantastic, and frankly; it just looks super. I know looks aren't deciding with appliances, but it just needs to be addressed. I mean the price Walmart offered was and is by far the lowest so make sure to check them out when you are going to get one. As I have tested some alternatives before, I will say none come close to the Dyson V6 Slim Cordless Vacuum. Just the flexibility alone crumbles all competition and the quality also seems to be top notch. The famous customer service of Dyson2 is always very happy to help if you have any kind of questions so if you ever run in to something with their products they'll be really supple with helping you find a solution. So just to recap; only positive things to say about the Dyson V6 Slim Cordless Vacuum. Do read till the end tho because you there is a tiny surprise!


This pros list of the Dyson V6 Slim Cordless Vacuum could be much longer, and is way longer than the conslist, but the description3 this site has will probably already say it all. Here is just a little piece: "
Dyson V6 Slim Cordless Vacuum, Multiple Colors:

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Other Reviews


I should have never left Dyson

We had a Dyson in England. It was amazing. Since it was a 220 plug we had to buy another vacuum when we returned to the states. We didn't want to shell out the money for another Dyson so we went with cheaper alternatives. Yes, That is plural. We have gone through numerous vacuums. We finally gave in and decided to get another Dyson. I now remember why I love these vacuums so much. They are so powerful! Lots of different features and super easy to use and clean. I've included a picture of the before and after from the use of my Dyson. I never realized how little my other vacuums were actually picking up. The Dyson sucked the rug back to its true color!


Love my Dyson!!!

This is my 3rd Dyson, and second of this model ( the first Dyson went to live with my dad, the second is our Downstairs vacuum and this one is for upstairs.) I am a vacuum snob and have owned many from Hoover, Eureka to Orek. This Dyson is by far my favorite. It is easy to push and manure, it really picks up debris and dirt from the carpet leaving the carpet looking groomed and clean. It is easy for my kids to use and it has a really long cord so you don't have to constantly finding a different place to plug it in at. My Dyson works well for picking up the pet hair from carpet, hard wood floors, furniture and throw pillows. The only down side it that is it a little heavy to drag upstairs, but everything else about tho vacuum is awesome which makes it worth owning, I found a great Black Friday price so I bought one for upstairs. Make sure that you clean your filters and let them air dry every few months, it really helps and it is super easy to do. Overall, this is the best vacuum I have ever owned and can't imagine buying anything else.


6 dogs 1 Vacuum

This machine is a miracle. We have 6 hairy giant dogs and live in the mountains so there is no shortage of dirt that makes it's way into our home. I bought this over a month ago and waited to write a review until after I've used it plenty of times (daily). Every single day it makes our home sparkle getting deep into the carpet to take out all of the dog hair, dirt, grit, grime and all other disgusting things they drag in. I can't believe the depth of the clean and it works perfectly every single time. I am hooked and will never buy anything else! The attachments are long and reach everywhere. I just whip through all of the rooms both carpet and wood floor and it catches everything. I know the photo I am attaching of the dirt is gross, but this is what it pulls up every day! That would otherwise be in my carpet. You can see the fine dirt and allergens that normally fill your home. It took me a minute to get used to hooking up and unhooking the attachments but once I got used to it I love the setup. It's much easier than I made it out to be in the beginning. Oh- and it's light weight and easy to haul up and down the stairs. Seriously love this thing!


Excellent but with some help from Dyson Support

Bought this machine (yellow top) this July about 3 months before my new hardwood floors and carpet were installed. As soon as the latter were done this Friday, I un-boxed the DC33 Saturday 9AM. Had to assemble a few things ( the handle assemblies) to the machine which clicked into place easily. The precision of the parts (handle, filters, dirt bin) impressed me - strong plastic, nothing flimsy, easily click into place. Switched it to the bare floor setting (which disengages the beater bar) and used it on my hard floors. Its suction was impressive. HOWEVER, when I switched to the carpet setting (which engaged the beater bar) and moved to my new carpet (1/2 inch thick pile), the unit sucked so hard into the carpet, it would not move forward or backward. Called Dyson support and got to a service person almost immediately - Saturday 10AM yet. They instructed me on how to easily remove 2 seals (rubber O ring type gaskets) from the floor head. This allowed for more input air and now the unit moves easily on my carpet with great suction. Happy Camper - great machine.